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Zev is another BZPB user who has been playing the main RPG since the very beginning. He created the spin-off RPGs Heat the Soul and Conquistadores.


Zev is known for having hiatuses from BZPB, due to fear of the infamous BZPB viruses or falling out with other users. Kon tried to help with the viruses the first time, but Zev insisted on staying away regardless.

During his first hiatus, Shroom VERY regularly e-mailed Zev, talking about anime and keeping him up to date on what is happening in the BZPB world.

In 2012, Zev still posted in the RPG sometimes, but refrained from going on the Chatbox and talking to anyone. Everyone has a different theory of why he doesn't want to communicate outside of the RPG. When Zev became admin for a month, he started posting in the chatbox quite regularly in pink text.

As of 2015, Zev is still semi-active, only posting in the main RPG occasionally. He is in the RPG chat on Skype but still does not want to be added to the Cabana because of BZPB viruses or Lag, despite it actually being less active than the RPG chat.


  • In his early days, Zev used tildes a lot, like this~
  • Some people nickname him "Zevvy" - a reference to TMV calling him "zevvy boy".
  • He has by far had the most name changes out of the users of BZPB. A close second is Klak.
  • Zev and JS had a shared animosity until the latter's return in 2015, where they made up. This animosity has since transferred to Kon (but with good reason - Kon deleted most of his wiki pages about Homestuck and anime characters and has little patience for Zev's outbursts).
  • Zev has made the most amount of female characters on BZPB, with a close second being Shroom.
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