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Yon is a character in BZPB, however, it is his effect on the BZPB populace that is more important. There is actually a rule against saying his name in the chatbox without explicitly referring to the RPG character. This is because Kon, JS, and (eventually) Klak, would frequently spam the Chatbox with silly conspiracy theories involving Yon and/or anyone or everything who/which had three letters in their name, or had only one eye.

Things related to Yon include:

  • Swivel chairs - Because Yon always has a swivel chair, Swivel chairs have become associated with Yon (And by further extension, the Dead or Alive song "You spin me right round" (Which, curiously, has a music video featuring a man with one eye - he is wearing an eye-patch))
  • Anyone with three letters in their name - Yes, Ron Weasley, We're looking at you. With our eye.
  • Anyone with one eye - Yes, Shockwave, we're looking at you. So is Ron. And GLaDOS.
  • His Facebook page: As of 2015, it has 49 likes... which is more than double that of the BZPB page.
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