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Will Billson

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Officer Will Billson is a policeman of the Task City Police Department in Mysteries Unlimited.

He is devoted to his job, and is quite strict, following logs and rules by the book. He opposes hot-headedness, and stands for law and justice, no matter how big the obstacles are. That being said, he has large aspirations, hoping to eventually obtain a position at the Central Intelligence Agency.

Other members of the police force like his company, though they are often put off by his ramblings about not getting to "bring friends" and him constantly asking if an action was "part of [their] plan"?

The 'Animal Men' Bank Robberies[edit]

Officer Billson was present at the crime scene of one of the robberies, where he met Rainn Sulrai and the other private investigators. He was initially reluctant to allow them in, but he then decided to cooperate.

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