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Typo memes

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Typo memes are typos that have been picked up by other members and turned into memes. Notable typo memes include:

Asved: An Arabic waiter of Denny's. Originally a typo by DRJ, Klak decided to make this an actual being whose full name is Asved Nadel Garsoon. DRJ eventually got so annoyed with people using this that he threatened to kick anyone who used it out of the chatbox. Asved later appeared to Yon in the RPG. By now, the rule is barely enforced. As of 7/23/2012 Asved is one of the most powerful characters in all of BZPower Battles. He is also a Jewish Rabbi.

Fod: A typo made by someone in the chatbox (believed to be either Klak or KoN). Now refers to a type of metallic food device, that came from something else, that can appear anywhere.

Slat: A (purposeful) typo of salt made by KoN. It describes a type of seasoning that is better than salt. And salt is good, especially when it's not mixed with cyanide.

Lsot: A typo of lost, possibly made by Ynot. She is the wife of Asved.

Pope.avi: A misspelling of nope.avi, a meme repeated by Klak in the Chatbox regularly. One can assume that it is an avi of the Pope, (Yes, it was on purpose).

Wrope: A powerful and rare rope. Typo made by Ynot.

Powarful: A play on powerful. Purposeful typo made by Klak.

Coul: Unknown origin. Describes something beyond cool.

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