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Subnixus - The Changing Planet

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Subnixus: The Changing Planet is an RPG on BZPB that is due to re-release at some time, after its slow death.

Subnixus is NOT a spin-off RPG of BZPower Battles. It was created by Shroom.

The confusion about Subnixus' origin is the fact that the planet Subnixus is also in the BZPB multiverse the same way a planet from an anime would be in the multiverse. The original idea of Subnixus was sprouted for a different RPG in the first place, Shroom decided to put the planet into BZPB because he thought it would be interesting. The Subnixus in BZPB is 200 years after the Subnixus in the RPG.

Subnixus is the first BZPB RPG, however, that has a pre-made world that players can edit to their storylines, it is not the first RPG to involve with BZPB though.


The first incarnation of the game was started on March 7th 2011. It died, and was sent to the RPG archives. Its second incarnation has yet to be released.


In the previous launching of the game, the objective of characters was to explore.


Subnixus used to be the least popular RPG on the forums due to confusion and Shroom not responding to posts and character requests.


The regulars to this RPG used to be Shroom, King of Nynrah, Klak and Zev.

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