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Skype is where many BZPB members hang out when there is nobody on the chatbox, and to organise podcasts. Skype is home to several BZPB-related groups:

The Cabana

The Cabana is a hangout group on Skype moderated by Ynot. It is also the place where unofficial members show up from time to time, including DogeSoda and Paul. Its only rules are to be chill, to not post spoilers, and to NOT piss Ynot off. Zev is not here due to BZPB viruses.

RPG General Discussion

This group was created by Kon for active members of BZPB to discuss anything related to the site, the wiki and the RPGs. It is also the only group that Zev and JS are in, and as such is sometimes prone to flame wars or other drama.

The Yonolution

This is a joke chat that was made by DRJ one day, but has since become the hub for Yon-related memes (other than the FB page, of course). Several unofficial BZPB members are here, such as Tempo and Zombie killer.

Legendary High Council of the Esteemed BZPB Overlords

This is a private group which only the oldest and wisest of BZPB members are part of. The Council is only summoned when one of the councilmen has an idea to propose that would change BZPB in a significant way. Its existence was mere legend until someone slipped up and revealed that the legends were true. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

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