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Shroom is a user who joined BZPB when it was hosted a while back on BZPower. He was invited over with Grimlock by King of Nynrah in 2009, and has been around ever since. He is responsible for creating the current BZPB website and is its current admin.

He also created several memes including the Chrome abs and Quad RPGs.


Shroom has also been known as "Mynameisnot", "SuperSoldier", "{{Insert pun here}}", "ShroomX2" and "Trash can of fortune".

In the original RPG Shroom didn't do much at all. He just dwelled in his own characters and was so bad at interacting with other users (except Zev) that he didn't make an effort. He dropped in and out of the RPG now and again, but had a large hiatus just before the RPG was shut down and moved to the wiki.

Shroom was not active in the Wiki era, but still wanted BZPB to be up and running again on a proper board messaging system. So, completely out of the blue, he made BZPB forums. He has been the forum's admin ever since. Shroom's RPing skills have gone up dramatically. He has recently had a long line of inactivity outside the Chatbox, which has annoyed certain people.


Shroom has a very varied reputation among the members of the forums. Some people think he's insane, some people think he's drunk on power and some people think he's awesome.

Shroom's reputation with spammers is not a good one, he is known to strike down on these unfortunate folk like lightning, so they don't like him very much. Like Alex Le, for instance.


  • "NOW YOU HAVE TO GO WITH INK IN YOUR FREAKING BLOOD STREAM" - Shroom after stabbing someone with a fountain pen


  • Shroom has been known to call himself "Divine leader", "Retarded piece of recycled coke cans", "Android", "Crane crusher", "Fungi" and "Independent Girl".
  • Shroom hates eating mushrooms.
  • Shroom has two hairstyles. In Afro mode, he gains +2 to his STR and END scores. In Dreadlock mode, he gains +2 to his INT and STA scores.
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