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Reputation Wars

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The BZPB site has a nice little widget that lets you rate posts both up and down. These posts are then tallied up to calculate your reputations. Klak, Shroom, and Srgt. Master all messed around with it at some points, but no one ever really said much about it until...

King of Nynrah sent Klak a PM about the fact that he discovered this. They then decided that they would give each other a high rating and down-vote some of DRJ's posts to see if he would notice.

Obviously, the Polish Wonder was not amused...and so began:

The First Reputation War[edit]

After KoN and Klak's attacks, a very enraged DRJ decided to down-vote their posts and give them bad "reputations." He convinced Shroom to increase his (negative) reputation, while using his test account to down-vote KoN to -45, and Klak to 6.

Klak said sorry and retaliated/made up for it by using Zombie killer's account to give everyone some good reputation points while Zev endlessly complained about the war.

It unofficially ended at this moment.

The Second Reputation War[edit]

Klak declared a second war, and continued using both his and his brother's account to up and down vote some posts. KoN was sort of on the sidelines, but it was believed that he would eventually have been dragged into it (since he sort of started the first one). Some affected include Shroom, Sarge, Zev, and even Ynot. Two of them have not yet officially joined the war, while Zev continued criticizing it. Shroom decided that this site reputation actually mattered, and wanted to mock Klak's belief that it was a joke war. He then gave Klak a reputation of -971, KoN -1003, and Adrastos -994, meaning that he has been dragged into the war as well. Klak has implied that he will down vote plenty of Shroom and Zev's posts in retaliation. Klak offered DRJ an alliance, but he declined, and went on to down-vote some of Klak and KoN's posts while up-voting Shroom and Zev's. Klak retaliated, upvoting KoN, Sarge, Ferret, and even Ynot's posts while attacking many DRJ and Shroom posts.


War 1:

  • KoN and Klak/Z-K vs. DRJ
  • Neutral: Ferret, Zev, everybody else.

War 2:

  • Klak and KoN v. Shroom and DRJ
  • Sarge, Ynot, Ferret, and Zev are considered neutral, despite the fact that their posts have been up-voted or down-voted by many of the warriors. Sarge HAS considered joining the war by going against everyone.
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