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Noodle Incidents

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Noodle Incidents are an in-joke between DRJ and Klak. It works like this: one of them will mention a date and/or location, and the other will say something like "I told you not to mention that", or give bizarre hints as to what "happened".

Example: [19:48:53] @ David Robert Jones : Really, I am the master when it comes to using weapons at ranges they were never meant to be used.

[19:49:09] @ David Robert Jones : I just threw a grenade at an Autobot who can't have been more than five metres away from me.

[19:50:39] Klak : LOL

[19:51:10] Klak : Kind of like Tropoya, 1899?

[19:52:08] @ David Robert Jones : Yes, that was unpleasant for all concerned.

[19:54:00] Klak : I'm still wondering how I was able to use that toothbrush in such a creative wa.

[19:54:03] Klak : *way

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