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Malygos is a recently recovered member of BZPB. He joined the main RPG back in its early days when it was still hosted on BZPower. He was a regular player, but left a while before it was closed to go to play World of Warcraft instead.

However, when the forum was made and the main RPG continued, Malygos was found on another site and invited back. He accepted the invitation and became a regular poster again. During his time on the forum he invited his real-life friend over, Endless Sea.

Unfortunately, a few months later he left for WoW again, taking Endless with him.

Over a year later, having quit WoW in favor of the panda-free SWTOR, Malygos then returned to BZPB. Due to college, he can only post around once a week. This has annoyed some people, who have threatened to kill innocent elves unless he posts.

Now, in 2015, Malygos is much more involved in the BZPB creative process, frequently chiming into discussions on Skype about his characters and current events. Personality-wise, he has little patience for stupidity or memes, which has brought him into conflict with Kon and JS on occasion. Despite this though, they maintain a healthy working relationship.

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