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"Moar coins pleez!"

Kon (Short for "King of Nynrah") is a member of BZPB. He has administrator status on the site, and is also the admin of the BZPB Wiki. He is also a moderator of the spinoffs wiki. He frequently starred in the BZPB Podcasts and has been a member of BZPB since mid-2008.

Kon has (unintentionally) caused quite a bit of trouble in his time at BZPB. Many people he knows in real life made BZPB accounts because they saw him on there at school. Unfortunately, most of these people were spammers. However, he is responsible for inviting several constructive users to BZPB, including Shroom and JS six years ago.

Kon himself is a strange man. His humour is juvenile and he spams memes like there's no tomorrow... a possible side effect of his years spent on 4chan. Despite this, he enjoys playing serious roles in the main RPG with some of his characters and is known to kill them off quite often. He is not interested in anime, which puts him in a separate camp to half of the site, and his political views have sometimes brought him into conflict with DRJ and Malygos. His best friends on the site are Klak and Nif, with whom he thinks he has most in common.

Catchphrases & Notable Quotes[edit]

  • "Hmm." --Said when he has nothing else to say. This has since been stolen by Paws.
  • *Runs into bomb shelter* --Said when someone on the chatbox gets angry.
  • "What makes KoN KoN?"
"Being absolutely clueless about everything that isn't Lego." --Klak and DRJ discussing KoN
  • "You're the result of billions of years of evolution. ACT LIKE IT." --DRJ berating Kon for his stupidity.
  • "test"--A sample of Kon spam.
  • "swiggity swag what's in the bag" - Said when nobody is online.
  • "IT'S HAPPENING" - Said when someone comes to a revelation, most often himself, about meaningless coincidences.
  • "( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)" - ...we don't even know how to describe this.


  • Kon has an inexplicable obsession with small Pacific islands, particularly Nauru.
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