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KANYE, previously known as Kanye West, is the current primary antagonist of Beyond Insanity. He is a being of unimaginable power who has come to Meme World with only one thing on his mind; absolute domination. To this end, he will use any means neccessary, such as creating the dreaded ringwraiths known as the Nazgûl.


KANYE is completely obsessed with power; both using and obtaining it. His first action in Beyond Insanity was to destroy the sole US Army outpost on Meme World, killing hundreds. He sees himself as above all others, with no equals. However, he does not like dirtying his hands, and leaves most of the work needed for his plans to his underlings, such as the Nazgûl, whilst he resides in the impenetrable, towering fortress of Barad-dûr.

KANYE seems to have a particular vendetta against Steven Pinker.


Attack on the Army Base[edit]

KANYE first appeared in orbit above Meme World, before quickly descending to the US Army base. Fighter jets were sent to intercept him but he landed, allowing the base commander to identify him before destroying the entire complex with his vast powers - even hundreds of soldiers with weapons and armor were powerless against him.

TTT soon arrived, and fought KANYE. KANYE announced that he was the 'prince of all saiyans' before Steven Pinker arrived and joined the battle. After a short but brutal fight Steven Pinker escaped with the help of Takumi Fujiwara, leaving KANYE to his own devices.

Forging the Six Rings[edit]

KANYE traveled to the capital city of Meme World and leveled it, killing the entire population. Then, he resurrected six individuals, warping their minds to bind them to loyal service. To ensure his hold on them, and to give them the power needed to accomplish their goals, he crafted six rings of power, with a seventh master ring for his own use. The revived individuals were the Nazgûl, bound to his service, and destined to become one of his most powerful weapons. They were:

KANYE then retreated to his fortress of Barad-dûr, having sent the Ringwraiths off to capture Steven Pinker.

Abilities & Powers[edit]

Ring of Power[edit]

KANYE possesses the One Ring, which grants him unlimited power, and allows him to control the Nazgûl.

Miscellaneous Powers[edit]

  • Limb Detachment - KANYE can detach his limbs, which can operate independently.
  • Crystal Power - KANYE has crystals in his hands and feet, and one in his head which can absorb the power of incoming attacks.
  • Energy Shields - KANYE can create defensive shields using the power of those spirits his body once possessed.
  • Explosion Control - KANYE can create explosions with his mind. This is his preferred form of attacking.


  • The music video for Kanye West's song Stronger is a canon prequel to Beyond Insanity, and explains how KANYE ended up with the immense power he has during the events of the RPG.
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