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BZPower Battles: Heat The Soul

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Bzpower Battles: Heat the Soul was an RPG started by Zev in 2011. It died two months later due to forum drama.

Taking place on the planet of Rhadan in an unnamed alternate universe, this RPG had many more defined functions for gameplay than BZPower Battles or Subnixus. In fact, the first post of the RPG has about as much information as a traditional page on this Wiki. On the planet of Rhadan, technology has advanced separately in different locations. However, they are all closely descended from the Thurapi, who ruled this and innumerable other planets with benevolence prior to an event which lead to their retreat. It is believed that this event was tied to stretching their resources too thin and running afoul of some unknown evil.

Among the functions that one can utilize in Heat The Soul are Professions, Vehicles, and NPC Recruits. A character's Professions are bought with eight points and eight points only on creation, and cannot be changed once they've been completely set. There are Main and Secondary Professions to choose from. Examples include Mechanic (A Main Profession) and Artisan (A Secondary Profession). As well, one's characters can collect scrap metal to construct their own vehicles for use. With enough money, they can even buy pre-made vehicles and customize them. In addition to a player's Personal Characters, by accumulating Glory or Infamy Points, one can recruit minor NPCs to serve a single Main Character.

While Heat The Soul only ran for three pages before dying due to forum drama, it has served as the springboard for several characters who would later go on to be introduced in the main BZPBRPG (such as Jarvis, Kensa and Etende), as well as inspiring people such as Klak to make RPGs of their own. It had an unusually high level of organization which was useful for finding what a player is looking for and keeping things on-track.


BZPower Battles: Heat the Soul was started on Monday, May 30th and 12:31 am.


According to Zev's main post:

"The game is simple. We'll be following the same course of action as BZPower Battles. However, for the time being, we are limited to one planet - Rhadan. A small planet, Rhadan is mostly deserts other than the oceans, but to the equator are lush plateaus and rainforests. The natives make their living largely by scavenging from the rubble. That is to say, Rhadan was once populated by a great civilization which spanned an entire galaxy and further - The Thurapi. For unknown reasons, they were forced to retreat from many of their foothold planets - Including Rhadan. All that remains are their strange forms of technology and magic. In addition, besides humans, Rhadan is inhabited by Niflings - Almost-human creatures which result when Thurapian wells of magic are exposed to a desire for lost loved ones to return. They generally resemble anthropomorphic animals. You don't have to make frilly-fancy profiles or forge elaborate plans. Just survive. Quite a wild world and many secrets wait you. "


The only real regular was Zev. Other users, such as King of Nynrah, Shroom and Grimlock posted, though Grimlock quit and the others didn't post nearly as much as Zev.


As mentioned, Heat The Soul takes place on Rhadan - A mostly-desert planet with rainforests encircling the equator and unknown environments to the poles. It was once ruled by the highly-advanced Thurapi, but all that remains of them are scattered technology in dangerous ruins. As well, the Ars Magus technology they developed to fight an entity known as the "Beast" is still being used and improved today. Countries mentioned on Rhadan include:

  • Archanae
  • Grust
  • Bantian Empire
  • Kuru Datri
  • Okeia'rui

Things To Know About[edit]

  • Thurapi
  • Niflings
  • Ars Magus
  • Nox Nyctores
  • Cauldron
  • The Beast
  • The Six Heroes


  • Kokonoe was the first BZPB character to be introduced into Heat The Soul.
  • Heat The Soul was originally attempted on the BZPower Forums, but died out before it could come into its own there.
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