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John Sheppard

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Me Grimlock Bozo!

John Sheppard is a user on BZPB. He is named after the Stargate character of the same name. During his stay, he held no rank on either the forum or the main wiki (in part due to DRJ not wanting a repeat of what happened when JS was made the deputy of the main wiki), but was actually the head admin of the BZPB Spin-offs wiki. On this wiki he was known as User:ZechsMerquiseofBZPB and user:Master of Vehicles.

So far he is the only BZPB member to be perma-banned, then unbanned, perma-banned again, and then unbanned again.


Sheppard has gone by a lot of names: Hyperupgrad, John Sheppard, Vulpes Inculta, Teh Evil Naju, Grimlock, Master of Vehicles, FullFrontal, Shinji Ikari and Sefer Yetzirah.

He started his BZPB career with a character known as Ta'harok, who he failed to drop even after he was banned and all his characters killed off for lulz. After a few months of BZPBing, he was banned from BZP because of an argument with a user known as Tahu rules553. In what is generally known as a dick move, he vandalised the BZPB wiki.

He still doesn't know why.

He was banned in 2010 and it stayed like that for about a year, during which any attacks against BZPB made by anyone were usually suspected to be by him. In all truth, he never made any attacks against BZPB. After a few months of plotting with Adrastos and Alex Le, Sheppard began conspiring with Shroom and King of Nynrah. Eventually, he was allowed back. He started out as a good member, and it was in fact he who suggested the creation of the Mini-games forum. However, he then went on to do things like spam the chatbox with Yon jokes to the point where all mention of the character which didn't concern the RPG was banned from the chatbox, create stupid pages on the main wiki, insult people in his sig, attempt to include incredibly inappropriate jokes in this wiki's article on Yon, lying a lot, and adding blatantly inappropriate pages and images to this wiki. That last thing got him banned from the forum and the main wiki.

An epic struggle then ensued over his ban on this wiki. Having realized very quickly what was happening to him, he handed over control of this wiki to KoN, and soon after was banned by DRJ. He proceeded to unban himself, and then made DRJ laugh by accusing him of leading a "coup d'etat" against him. He then suffered the same fate he did a year earlier during his flame-out on the main wiki: his admin powers were removed by Wikia staff member Sarah Manley.

He continued to follow his previous pattern, and returned as "Master of Vehicles" to complain about how this page saying he broke the rules was false information and therefore a violation of the Manual of Style. No one actually appeared to care, and he was banned yet again and his rants deleted.

During Kon's birthday party, he, as well as Adrastos apparently briefly seized control of his BZPB account. Aside from post on the chatbox and sending Shroom a very immature (albeit very well-written and somewhat humourous) e-mail, they didn't actually do anything.

Fast-forward to early 2015, and only Kon, Klak and DRJ remained active on the site. Although posting was still frequent, DRJ thought it would be nice to RP with someone else for a change, and so the idea of inviting JS back was brought up. After some discussion in the Council, it was decided that he should given another chance. Since then, he has returned in force, introducing multiple empires into the main RPG, making his own RPG called Avalon Crisis, and inviting Claymore and AttackonTigrex to the site.


Grimlock has made many MoCs of BZPB characters including:

  • Ta'harok
  • Blackout
  • Ynot
  • Chenyromas
  • Naju
  • Strike Naju
  • Strike Destiny
  • Wing Justice
  • Yon
  • TMV
  • Kakamu
  • Dark Universe Kakamu

To read about these characters, please visit the BZPB Wiki.


  • The acronym "JS" was actually censored on the forums for a while.
  • Grimlock is EXTREMELY paranoid.
  • For reasons unknown to anyone but himself and possibly Adrastos, Grimlock started a site called O-War, which hosted some sort of continuation of BZPB. It died amazingly quickly, but was succeeded by Firegate. Due to Firegate's death, all its players have since come to BZPB instead.
  • Grimlock had a very annoying habit of putting capital letters in the middle of sentences when there is no conceivable need for them.
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