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Ferret-X, more commonly abbreviated as Ferret, is a member of BZPB. She is the first active female member and is a real life friend of Ynot's. She is also completely awesome, and has a completely balanced view of herself.

Ferret's current forum avatar.

Her main goal in the RPG seems to be introducing a small army of OCs. Outside of the RPG she gets in arguments with everyone over everything. She is prone to all-capping certain words for EMPHASIS, and swears a lot.


Just a lonely girl, living in a small town world, she took a train going anywhere-

Well that's good for her, but let's talk about Ferret. Ferret was friends with Ynot for a couple years and had been being regaled by tales of the antics of the RPG. Then the site was recruiting and Ferret was like lolsure. She started out with Ynot, and got along well with everyone except for DRJ who banned her from the chatbox for a day for giving him the nickname 'bunny'.

At some point she started yelling at everyone to calm down when she was not one of the parties arguing herself. Once she managed to accidentally troll JS over Skype. She also seems to make Zev inexplicably angry over everything she says, yet he's still attracted to her. It's confusing to everybody. She's first in the admin rotation. Last time she didn't actually do anything, but this may change.

She tried to do too many plots at once and took a hiatus from posting in the RPG, but was still active in chats. Klak nagged her into returning.


  • She invited San to the forums.
  • Practically all of her characters are from her original fiction universe that she's terrible at producing content for.
  • Currently the best artist on the fora.
  • Modest.
  • Has talked several members into reading/watching shows/comics/whatever media including Homestuck and My Little Pony. Is not sorry.
  • The type of douchebag who'd pluralize forum as fora.
  • Uses the shift key rather than caps lock.
  • Currently the oldest forum member.
  • Everyone's tech support.
  • Makes delicious muffins.
  • Can get lost anywhere.
  • Sounds curiously similar to DRJ over Skype chat.
  • Likes salt.
  • Censors things with the letter 8 rather than an asterisk.
  • Quite possibly because she is secretly Vriska.

Memorable Quotes[edit]

  • "8 year olds f8cking love crack"
  • "He can't stand my ass"
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