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DRJ is the co-founder of the BZPB RPG. He has extreme anger management issues, and is second only to Zev in that regard. He also has an unfortunate tendency to laugh at other people's misfortune. His name has actually been "Heat", or a variation of it, for a couple of years, yet most people still call him DRJ.

He claims to have diplomatic status, but this has yet to be verified.


Following a conflict now known as the "BVM war", DRJ joined a game known as "Endless Feud". While it was initially fun, a player known as Rakoua annoyed him very much. This inspired him to create the BZPB RPG, then known as BZPower Battles. He has nurtured it from its beginnings as a simple, plotless, text-based battle to the expansive space opera it now is. DRJ's in-game representation is a character known as Blackout.


DRJ is usually considered a moderate. He is usually willing to listen to people and help, but doesn't tolerate being pushed around.

Previous names[edit]

  • -Blackout-
  • Beta Command
  • -Blackout-/Beta Command
  • BBC
  • BBC: A Man in Black
  • The Silence of BBC
  • Silent
  • B52
  • Guthrey
  • HWeiss
  • H.Weiss
  • Black Shadow
  • GlassBeadGame
  • Sideways
  • WakingHour
  • Gray Mann
  • Dee-Are-Zay
  • tarantino
  • David Robert Jones


  • He enjoys pointing out Ynot's typos. A lot.
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