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Embedding in Concrete

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Embedding in Concrete is one of the memes of the site meant to poke fun at Klak's Italian heritage (he's only part Italian, you know) and his tendency to disappear for a slight moment in the chatbox.


Upon hearing that Klak had some Italian ancestry, DRJ quickly thought of the Mafia. This led him to think of mafiosos embedding people in concrete. (He was rather sleepy at the time.) Add that to the fact that Klak is slightly crazy, and you create a hilarious image.


This is commonly used as a question to ask Klak: "Embed anyone in concrete lately?"

In other cases, it is used as Klak's weapon: "Klak: *bursts in with a cement truck*"

And so on. Ultimately, whenever someone mentions concrete, a little smile forms on BZPB members' faces, because they think of Klak's antics.

Ironically, Klak himself was once kicked into a cement mixer. In the chatbox, of course. He's perfectly fine.

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