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Chrome abs

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Chrome Abs - Also known on occasion as Chrome Pecs or Glorious Chrome Abs - are, like their name subtly hints, Chrome Abs. They are a rampant meme on the BZPB Chatbox and Shroom's Chrome Abs can barely contain them from spreading.

Chrome Abs are extremely good at taking bullets, and even the mighty AK-47 will not damage them, unless it is loaded with anti-glorious chrome abs ammunition, which DRJ came up with because he got sick of every attack on Shroom bouncing off his chrome abs, even if it was aimed at his head. People are not the only things that can have Chrome Abs. On one occasion a cake survived a cloud of bullets thanks to its chrome abs.

They are considered one of "Shroom's Memes" and therefore there is a tax on using them. Good thing we're exempt from it here, then. Heh.

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