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Adrastos is an English BZPB member, and arguably the most cultured of them all. For this reason, he has won the admiration of DRJ (NOT an easy thing to do). He used to play the main RPG frequently along with everyone else until he was banned one day. He has since been unbanned, and came back to participate in the F-RPG. He pops up in the Cabana every six months or so, but is mostly inactive.

He is yet another guy that Alex Le, Shroom, Kon, JS and Grimlock know in real life.

He complains about things. A lot. Shroom and DRJ make fun of him a lot for this reason, and once DRJ actually proposed that Adrastos' forum rank be changed to "The Resident Contrarian Psychologist". This has since been done, though the actual rank was shortened to "Contrarian Psychologist".

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